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About Us

Front Room opened in 1980 as the brainchild of Lenore Shebuski, who with three other women launched it in the front room of an old home on the corner of East Michigan Avenue and Marshall Street in Lansing. Lenore had undergone breast surgery and was not able to find what she needed in a department store. After voicing her frustration to her physician, her doctor replied, "It's too bad there's not an enterprising young woman who wants to take this on." She took up the challenge. Front Room has become known not only for post-mastectomy products and fittings, but also for its feminine touch and caring staff.


In 1995, Crystal Bliese, who had worked at Front Room for a decade, and Judy Ferguson took over the ownership of the store when Lenore decided to retire. "When she decided to retire, I knew the services that we provided were definitely needed in the area. I didn't want it to end. I talked to my best friend and said, 'How would you like to go into business with me?' She quit her job and here we are today," says Crystal. The store continues its mission helping women with their post-surgery needs.

Crystal had the opportunity to meet 2008's reigning Miss Michigan at the Grand Rapids Women’s Expo in March, 2010

Our employees are certified ABC and BOC fitters,

and our facility has been ABC certified as well.

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