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At Front Room, we carry many types and brands of prostheses. They are custom fitted, proportioned and perfectly balanced to match your natural breast. A few of the brands and forms that we carry in stock can be seen below:

American Breast Care

Lightweight Triangle

The lightweight triangle silicone in these forms is easy to wear, fitting nicely into delicate undergarments and putting less strain on the back and shoulders. In spite of their lightness, they have a natural feel that even passes “the hug test.”

Lightweight Oval

Made from the same lightweight silicone as the Lightweight Triangle, this oval shape is a great alternative for women who have had simple mastectomies or other conserving surgeries.


This is the first breast form made with a particular bra in mind. When worn with any ABC T-Shirt Bra, this breast form locks perfectly into place. This is the end of breast form shifting!

The Massage Form - NEW!

The back of this breakthrough breast form features channels of silicone gel that create paths for air circulation, making this breast form cooler than other asymmetrics. This asymmetric design also provides a secure fit for less shifting in the bra.



Adheres directly to the skin so that there is no slipping or movement, weight is distributed more evenly. Best suited to women with active lifestyles and/or back problems.


Women can experience a whole new level of comfort. Helps women to stay fresh and comfortable all day.


Provides a natural silhouette and creates a remarkable soft cup.


Adapts individually to the contours of a woman’s body with every movement. Designed especially for women who have an uneven chest wall.


Developed to meet the essential needs of women following breast surgery: balanced and secure fit.

Our employees are certified ABC and BOC fitters,

and our facility has been ABC certified as well.

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