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Lindi Skin


We understand how you feel during your fight with cancer. You want to feel better, both physically and emotionally. We know how cancer treatment can ravage your skin. That's why Lindi Skin products are made to help soothe, hydrate and protect. They help you reclaim your skin and regain a little control over your everyday.

Compression Garments

From  compressure comfort bras to compression sleeves from Juzo, Front Room stocks or can special order many types of compression garments to fit your needs.

Medical ID Bracelets

We carry a wide range of fashionable medical ID bracelets!

Toys and more for your newborn!

Front Room now carries a wide range

of items for your newborn baby.


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Fight Like A Girl

"Fight Like a Girl" was inspired by a true story.  It started with a routine mammogram for a patient, who also happened to be a nurse in the mammography department. Then, they found something on the film.  The entire hospital rallied around their colleague, Mary. They contacted Signify Promotions to design and print a shirt that could be sold to help offset her medical expenses.  Through T-shirt sales and a chili supper, they raised more than $20,000. When they reached the $20,000 mark, Mary said, "That's all I need. Keep going with the shirts. But share the wealth."  The good news is Mary is now cancer free, and the shirts continue to do good.


You can find T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Caps, Tote Bags, Coffee Mugs, and Water Bottles with the Fight Like A Girl logo at Front Room.

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