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Front Room carries a wide variety of wigs, hairpieces, hats, and turbans to compliment your look.  Our full line of wigs includes products from Alan Thomas, Rene of Paris, Henry Margu and Heart of Gold.  If we do not have your style in stock, we can custom order for you as well.  We have many different sizes, colors, and styles on site for you to try on in one of our private fitting rooms.


Front Room has been selling wigs in the Lansing area for over 12 years and has an experienced wig technician at the store.


What is the difference between a monofilament wig and a regular wig?

Most wigs are produced with a lace fabric in the top of the wig. A monofilament wig, or mono-top wig, is made with a special material in the top area that is flesh colored. This monofilament material is a very fine lace material and takes on the color of the wearer’s scalp when worn. Each individual strand of fiber is hand tied into the mono material, as opposed to being sewn to a lace fabric. As a result, a mono-top wig is much more natural looking than a regular wig in that the fiber can be styled in any direction while showing a natural and realistic looking scalp area.

Rene of Paris

Rene of Paris introduced 5 new monofilament styles to The Amore Designer Series for 2008.  A superb product that fits you so perfectly...

Henry Margu, Inc.

Henry Margu, Inc. is a privately held, family owned company that continues to succeed because it truly understands its customers’ needs. Fashionable styles, superior craftsmanship, and extraordinary customer service are the key reasons why Henry Margu is the oldest and most experienced wig manufacturer in the United States.


Since 1952, Henry Margu has worked diligently to maintain its position as a leader in the wig industry. Over these fifty plus years, it has developed an international reputation as a designer of unique products, while continually achieving the highest quality standards in the marketplace.

Turbans, Scarves, Caps, and Hats

There are several different styles of turbans, scarves, caps, and hats in the store for you to try on.  We have available products from Hats For You, Janelle, Designs For Comfort, and Abenita.  The following are a few styles that we commonly carry:

The beauty of this style is mainly that the style adds heights at the top of the head, and it is a gorgeous hat.  It’s a very feminine version of a hat that can be worn at any time of day as well as with any outfit. The wrinkling around the hat adds the perception of additional volume, which helps to hide the lack of hair. It is made from soft cottons and available in over 10 colors and patterns. Exclusively designed for our company, it is one of our best sellers. Made in USA.

The Headliner Collection is an attractive, comfortable alternative to a wig, which covers the entire scalp and can be worn with or without hair accessories.  Headliner headwear has been developed for women and those suffering hair loss due to chemotherapy, radiation, alopecia areata, or any other type of hair loss condition.

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